Double Review: Evil Eye + Cut and Run

I am currently discovering this whole new world of audio books and with the Audible membership that I started maintaining ever since end of last year, I’ve been finding awesome reads here and there. So below is are quick reviews of two of the best audio books that I’ve had the pleasure of listening: “Evil Eye” and “Cut and Run“.

Evil Eye by Madhuri Shekar

I found Evil Eye in an article somewhere listing the top audiobooks from Audible that one should totally check out. This was a totally unexpected gem from Audible Orginals and is definitely a unique and thrilling audio experience. This honeslty thinned the line between narration and dramatization for me – and made me realize that audiobooks can be so much more! This audiobook was fully cast, wonderfully acted, and absolutely gripping from beginning to end.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really nice Indian friends while I was in my US training and one of my friend coincidentally talked about “evil eye”. I was able to share this audiobook with her so it was a definitely a nice bonding experience. Though I do think that someone with a strong Indian background would be able to appreciate the nuances of this book. But that does not goes to say that I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I did! I almost felt bad because I was listening to this while I was at work and it held my attention completely that I was distracted all day and didn’t finish anything. But it was sooo worth it!

It started light – a mother, trying to get her daughter to meet a future husband. I though it was a rom-com for crying it out loud then it immediately took a deliciously dark turn. The tension building towards the end was just *chef’s kiss*. This honestly reminds me so much of radio dramas that are popular back in the days. This is a short read – at just almost 2 hours, at that. Do yourself a favor and give this audio book a listen.

My rating:

Cut and Run by Ben Acker

Cut and Run is a recent read and something that I came across accidentally due to Audible’s free monthly credits. I downloaded it mainly because of the cast! I mean, Rachel Bloom! D’arcy Carden! Meg Ryan!

Curiously enough, this is is a dark comedy – about a bunch of kidney thieves and the trouble that ensues when one operation have gone awry. This audio book was so fun! I was laughing out loud a lot during the whole course of this book. The narration was cute, the script was funny, the voice acting superb. It’s a heck of a production! (Can be a legit TV drama?!) I’ve been delving into this whole new wonderful world of audio books these past few weeks and this is one of the bests, in the leagues of Evil Eye. Another gem out of Audible Originals. (Seriously, they keep on producing really good stuff!) Definitely recommended!

My rating:

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