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I write reviews, but not as frequent as I want myself to believe. πŸ˜‰

Nonetheless, please head over to the following links for a bunch of random reviews I’ve made throughout the years:

  • Book Reviews – in which I list down the books I’ve read and what I thought of them;
  • Game Reviewsin which I consolidate my thoughts on games I’ve played and been obsessed with;
  • Ink Swabsin which I review my ink collection and what I thought of them;
  • Pen Reviews in which I include my thoughts for my humble fountain pen purchases; and
  • Series Reviewsa bit of a catch-all, in which I consolidate my reviews of the TV series (live or animated) that I’ve watched and enjoyed.

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From the moment that I’ve decided I’ll be maintaining another blog, I already knew that this is going to be a combination of a personal and  hobby blog. I like to document my thoughts on things. That said, my reviews are not meant to be technical commentaries. I will only put what I think of it and what it made me feel.  πŸ™‚