About Me

Hi, I’m Riza!

I’m a twenty-something auditor from the Philippines who spends her spare time reading books and talking about books. I’ve been a blogger since I was in high school and occasionally jumped from platform to platform. Last year, I decided to archive my previous blog and start over again. After thinking it through, in April 2019, I obtained the domain for Pages and Coffee Cups and here we are!

Pages and Coffee Cups is a collection of my thoughts and all the things that light up my days and then some.

While this is not strictly a book blog, I figured I’ll be posting mostly books stuff since I am an avid reader and lover of books. I’m not sure what my favorite is but I do tend to read a lot of books under the following genres lately:
◙ Fantasy (all subgenres!)
◙ Literary fiction
◙ Contemporary romance
◙ A LOT of Asian lit

Besides books, I also like to:
◙ obsess over stationery products (especially paper and pens);
◙ do a lot of hand calligraphy;
◙ drink coffee;
◙ fangirl over underrated shows (and mainstream, too, from time to time);
◙ cry over my favorite figure skating athletes;
◙ watch anime and read manga; and
◙ write about anything under the sun that makes my heart skip a beat.

By documenting my memories and experiences, I hope this can be an aide-mémoire of sorts when I feel the need to look back. This blog isn’t much but I am proud of it. So thank you for taking your time to visit and read! This is my wonderland and I hope we can be friends! 🙂


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