For a start

I’ve been grappling with the idea of how to properly kick off this new site but I figured I should just start.

Welcome to Pages and Coffee Cups. I’m Riza – and this little place is a way for me to compile all the things that I want to share: my hobbies, my travels, even random thoughts that are sometimes (in a way) profound and most times just things that suit my fancy.

I’ve been blogging on and off for more than a decade. Last year, in some effort to start again, I decided to archive my former site, “Coffee-stained Dreams“. I’ve maintained it for more than 8 years (even I have a hard time absorbing that fact sometimes). It was just mostly a series of book-related posts and some occasional musings. I had it in some of the most significant moments of my life – from being a wide-eyed college student, graduating, experiencing significant deaths in the family, to actually entering the real/adult world – so in a way, giving it up felt like letting go of a huge chunk of myself. But you know what? It also felt like moving on.

As The Great Gatsby‘s famous last line put it:

So we beat on…” *

I am excited to start again.

* I know. I purposely cut it off. Contextually speaking, the meaning of the quote changes when I remove the words that follow. But this specific part of the line always gets me. It means: we push forward, no matter what. And it might not sound like it to others as it did to me – but I think it is beautiful.

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Auditor by profession and a 'round-the-clock geek šŸ¤“ from the šŸ‡µšŸ‡­ and currently based in Belfast. I'm a coffee-holic INTJ with an unhealthy obsession with books and stationery. I word-vomit over at Twitter and posts book pics at Instagram: @pagesandcc . I also blog at .

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