Photo Diary: New York on my mind

There’s something about visiting New York City for the first time. The busy streets, the skycrapers, the nightlights and the people. I feel like I’ve romanticized this city so much because of too much consumption of books and TV series that somehow did the same. But seeing it first-hand is definitely an experience. We were in New Jersey for almost three days back in July and we did not waste time and tried to explore New York as much as we can.

We took a a ferry ride to enjoy the sights along Manhattan – and one thing we didn’t expect: it started raining pretty hard. We didn’t have any umbrella. I was wearing a white shirt, a skirt and a new pair of sneakers. It was almost a nightmare – but it ended up being one of the most memorable things that happened to me. There’s something charming with the idea of running in the rain around the busy streets of New York. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to experience that again. You can read this article for more details about that experience.

Vintage Pepsi Cola sign during our Ferry Ride in New York
Skyscrapers from afar.
Mandatory picture with Lady Liberty!
The Phantom of the Opera! I squealed when I saw this. It kinda made all this thing more real, seeing that I really am looking forward to go to Broadway. I’m not even sure if this is in Broadway. LOL.
Dreary skies and skyscrapers!
Look how the Carniege Hall lights up!
St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral
Lit up some candles for the family
Rockefeller Center
Manhanttanhenge. I think one of the places where you can see it, I guess. This is just outside Central Park.
I really love this photo. I’ve always tried to have something like this whenever I am in a new place. I love the idea of being POV-ish in the photo, like showing people what you’re actually seeing. It makes it more special, at least for me.
Strawberry skies
Caught up in headlights
Aaaaah, it’s the New York Public Library!
A GIF image of myself documenting the first time I’ve been to the NYC Public Library (oooh, the wonder). It just sucked that we arrived when it was already closed but a girl needs to document her experiences so here we go.
Here’s my Kafka against the NYC backdrop. Here’s why I have this picture.
Grand Central Terminal!
Okay, so the first time I entered the Grand Central Terminal, I was gagged at how massive it is inside. I immediately thought of that first ever episode of Gossip Girl where Serena was spotted at the Grand Central Terminal? I am living my Gossip Girl fantasies and bringing it to life!
Hamilton at Broadway! Oh my God! The first time I saw it, I almost jumped with glee!
The Schuyler Sisters! I was content with just visiting the theatre from the outside because I didn’t really expect to see it in person – a girl can only dream so much. But it turns out, I am a lucky girl. Next time, I’ll blog about how I made my Hamilton dreams come true.
Time Square at night! The lights are blinding and overwhelming. I get to see the Time Square “ball”, too (if you squint enough, you could see). This city really never does sleep.
Random wave before going back to my phone.

Will I go back here? Definitely! But will I consider living and working here? That, I still have to think about. Someday, if I ever go back, I hope I could explore it even more because it felt like I haven’t seen much of it. Indeed, New York City has its own charm – and I really enjoyed every minute of it while it lasted.

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