THAT ONE LINE {a new blog series!} – #001

Meme photo: A page from David Sedaris’ Theft by Finding: Diaries 1977-2002.

It’s the first day of October. Fall just kicked in. I’m back from the dead (a.k.a. a combination of reading and blogging slump) and I am launching a new blog series! Seriously, what is happening? Well, kidding aside, I feel like I am neglecting this blog because of *life*… so this is actually an effort to post more frequently. Plus, this is an opportunity to be active and have a regular (hopefully) series in this space – like a *proper* book blogger should have.


I was brainstorming this weekend and I remembered this online meme that I used to participate in my old site. I got it from Goldie of My Book Musings back in the days but it seems that she already stopped blogging. It’s called “That One Line” and it felt right to continue it here knowing full well how I much loved it before.

So… what exactly is “That One Line“?

That One Line is an online meme in which you’ll feature a certain sentence or paragraph from a book you read which struck you or left a deep impression on you. According to Goldie: “It should be from a book although quotes related to reading are also welcome.”

Well, at least, that was the original rule for the meme. For this blog series, I am tweaking it slightly to suit my taste and not limit it to books alone – because, from time to time, I always come across these absolutely beautiful quotes from TV series, movies, etc. and it would be such a shame not to include them here. I am a sucker for beautiful one-liners and I am not sorry about it. So, for Pages and Coffee Cups at least:

That One Line is an online meme in which you’ll feature a certain sentence or paragraph that you’ve come across which struck you or left a deep impression on you.


For the first outing of this meme in this blog, I am featuring one of my favorite quotes from Bojack Horseman:

Sometimes you need to take responsibility for your own happiness. […] I’m happy, for the first time in my life. I’m not going to feel bad about it. It takes a long time to realize how truly miserable you are, and even longer to see it doesn’t have to be that way. Only after you give up everything can you find a way to be happy”.

Bojack Horseman is one of my favorite series of all time – particularly because it spews out random truth bombs in the most unexpected way in all these unlikely moments and they always. hit. the mark! I remember watching this episode and hearing Cuddlywhiskers say it and feeling my chest hurt because of how pointed and directed it felt for me . Diane asked him “You don’t think that’s a little selfish?” and I just loved how unapologetic he was… because for the first time in his life, he feels happy and that he deserves it.

I am still in the process of attempting to fully take charge – each day is still very much a constant battle, and not an easy one. It takes so much willpower to maintain that mindset and so much more to admit that you don’t have to always be hard on yourself and that you earned it. “Sometimes you need to take responsibility for your own happiness.” And I hope the day comes when I too, like Cuddlywhiskers, be selfish enough to be that unapologetically happy. I am working on it!

You can view the whole scene below:


How about you? Do you also have a particular line or paragraph that really stuck with you?

Though I am not the originator of this meme, you can also use this for your own site! Be sure to link back so that I can see the quotes you’re gushing about in hopes of me finding another great line. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “THAT ONE LINE {a new blog series!} – #001

  1. OMG Riza I love this! I’m going to have to include doing this on my blog. I can’t wait to do my first one and credit you for it! I personally like that you are opening it up to other forms of entertainment, not just books. Sometimes movies and TV shows, even plays, give you lines that just really resonate with you in some fashion or form. I really liked the line you chose as well. ❤ I'm glad you're back to blogging!

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    1. You can just link back so I can check out your post. I am not the originator of this anyway, lol. Thanks Leelyn! Looking forward to your post. 🙂


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