Hobonichi Techo 2022 Haul

Are haul posts still a thing in blogging? Anyway, I just wanted to share my Hobonichi Techo 2022 haul because it really made me happy. If you’re not familiar with Hobonichi Techo, it is a Japanese planner brand that has a cult following for its minimal and functional planner design, cute covers, and paper quality. Look for journaling videos on YouTube and chances are you’re gonna come across someone who uses this brand religiously. I discovered it way back in 2017 and I’ve been using it ever since! The local community in FB is all abuzz right now because the 2022 lineup was unveiled and orders are flying in. Honestly, it’s so great being part of a community that is just as passionate about stationery items as I am. So thank you, Hobonichi Users PH! πŸ’›

This was my first time buying directly from their site because I decided to buy more than my usual Weeks and I figured I wanted the experience and get the iconic box as well. I was terrified I’ll be paying a lot of additional fees for handling etc. because of the stuff I read online. But luckily, other than some CC errors, I managed to get them without much sweat. (Heads up: this post will be pretty photo-heavy.)

Apparently, there are a couple of people that collect Hobonichi boxes, whose colors change year by year. This year, the color is a pastel-y kind of pink. My order came wrapped in a white paper bag from the store so all the freight stickers are pasted on it – which left my boxes clean. Others were not that lucky. It’s such a charming thing and might use it to store some of my other stationery items.

First up, my Hobonichi Techo Weeks! I usually buy the Tomitaro Makino botanical illustration cover series for the past 3 years but this year’s lineup does not have it, which made me a bit sad. I was going back and forth between the cover I got and the Sunshine weeks (because I’ve been obsessed with mustard-y colors lately) but ended up getting the Evergreen. I carry my Weeks (which is my workhorse planner) in my everyday bag and use it for work so I figured something less conspicuous would work.

I didn’t expect to like it so much but I did. The deep forest green leather cover feels really good to the touch. I bought a clear cover on cover for it as usual but it’s almost a shame to cover it because I really loved the texture. I might need to think about it. The presentation for this particular planner feels really premium: it came in a paper envelope (above) with a thread lock and the actual planner is enclosed in a cloth bag. It felt nice and delicate. 🀍

Another one, which is the more expensive of the bunch πŸ˜‚, is my Hobonichi Cousin + a corresponding A5 cover. I decided to get an A5-sized book because I’m planning to do more writing in 2022. Along with that, I decided to commit to a cover. After much deliberation, I got the minΓ€ perhonen jardin (Gray) cover (it was this versus the Cat Over Kanda). And I’m glad I chose this, it was so pretty. This was a cloth cover – and from what I’ve read, it’s made of the Jacquard Velvet which was made in the only factory in Japan that has the technique to make it. Each cover sold would contain a unique arrangement of patterns.

Some detail shots below:

It has inner pockets on both sides of the inner flap. It also features a “butterfly clasp”, which serves as both pen holder and closure/lock for the planner (characteristic of Hobonichi Techos covers). I also love the bookmark of two round leather attached to the charmingly colored lace strings. The color of the cover is honestly lighter than what I imagined and I’m kind of worried that it may be dirtied fast but let’s see. I might not be able to lug it around so much because it’s big and a bit heavy.

Above pictured is my current 2021 Weeks, with the cover featuring Tomitaro Makino’s original illustration of the Toad Lily.

I also bought a blank notebook from them. If I have to choose my favorite quality in Hobonichi’s notebook (aside from the fact that it lays flat lol), it’s got to be the paper quality. They use the famed Tomoe River paper. Unfortunately, Tomoegawa, the company that manufactures said paper, decided to discontinue the production of this paper – which is a bummer. The 2022 lineup still uses Tomoe River paper and it may be the last to use this paper, who knows? So I stocked up. As usual, the paper quality is so good – smooth and thin. I was expecting the cover to be soft, but it was actually hard cardboard – which is great! I’m still thinking of what to use this for. (Sorry for the photos, I was having fun with the dappled lights on this very fine day. ✌️)

Aside from the CoC and some pencil boards for both Cousin and Weeks, I also got some horizontal index tabs to mark my months more clearly. I also got this handy metal ruler in silver that I could clip into my weeks in case I need it. As usual, we have the limited edition Uni Jetstream retractable pen by Mitsubishi in teal. This is a freebie for each planner you order from the site and has been changing colors every year as well. I also got his cute mini metal spoon that can be used as a key chain. It has an engraved smiley in the head which is not that visible in the picture.

So that’s it for my haul. I’m pretty satisfied with my lineup for next year and I’m excited to write more! πŸ’›

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6 thoughts on “Hobonichi Techo 2022 Haul

  1. Ang ganda ng collection na ‘to! ❀ Those details!
    I started using the 5-Year Techo this year. I'd been using the Moleskine Weekly Planner for around 7 years, but last December-January I panicked because none of the usual stores were restocking the specific model and color I've always used. The Hobonichi Techo was soooooooooo expensive, but I figured mababawi din ang gastos over the years. With a 5-Year planner, at least I don't have to worry about looking for a new planner every December… at least until 2025. Hehehe.

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    1. Aaaah you’re a planner nerd din pala Ena! ❀ I can't imagine myself committing to a single planner in 5 years – but it's super cool to be able to maintain it that long. Yeah, Hobonichi is uber expensive but I'd like to think it's worth it because of the quality. Happy planning! πŸ™‚

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