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Hello to another moment of me procrastinating to complete my reviews and wrap-ups (I’m late, I know. LOL But I figured the only way for this whole blogging to work for me is to not pressure myself too much for content. I’m doing this for myself anyway.) Anyway, I found this interesting tag from Kristin of Kristin Kraves Books when I was blog-hopping last weekend: My Bookish Preference. This is apparently created by Merphy Napier from Booktube. Please do check both of them out!

I figured I could do one of my own:

Which perspective is your favorite?

I feel like it depends on how it was written. When I was younger, I did tend to gravitate towards books written in first person POV as I felt they were easier to get into, or at least easier to slip in the characters’ mindset.  That made me understand them easier. Now, I feel like most of the books that I’m reading AND enjoying are all written in third person POV. When I write my own fiction though, I noticed I write more using the second person POV which is kind of interesting because I’m still hesitant towards this kind of writing right now. Case in point: The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin (still feeling out this book).

Which format is your favorite (hardback, paperback, audio, e-book, etc.)?

Definitely e-book. I’ve been a strong proponent of reading through eReaders (I love my Kindle so much, it’s no joke) for the sake of *just* reading, because it’s more convenient (in a LOT of aspects) and it gets the essential job done. But it still depends on the genre of the book though. If a book has many illustrations (e.g., The Stormlight Archive), I would prefer to read it in print (though I alternate most times, with ebooks as well). Paperback vs. hardback? Definitely paperback. Easier to handle, and less bulky. Plus it’s less expensive. I usually read non-fiction books through audio, though.

Do you prefer a character or plot-focused book?

Easy: character-focused books. If you make me care about the character, I could read slice-of-life narratives of them just doing regular stuff.

Do you care about prose?

Always. Sometimes, unnecessarily so. I like lyrical prose, as long as it is done right. Some good examples: This is How You Lose the Time War, Roshani Chokshi books (Rosh’s metaphors? Sublime.) and always, always: Haruki Murakami books. Also one particular surprising find recently: Know My Name by Chanel Miller.

How introspective do you want your characters to be?

I love reading about introspective characters because I feel like I can see myself in them. As long as the inner voice is not shallow and annoying, I can pretty much live off of long introspections.

Do you like a lot of description?

It depends on the genre. For fantasy books, to a certain extent that is necessary.

Do you prefer standalones or a series?

Oooh boy, this is hard. I feel like I do like both equally. It’s just that sometimes, for series, I feel like I am compelled to read and finish a book even if it is bad just because I needed continuity and closure.

Single POV or multiple POV?

Multiple POV, hands down. Or at least, the books that I’ve recently enjoyed were written that way. But I guess it still depends on the genre.

Do you prefer a strong start, middle, or finish?

Strong finish. LOL. I feel like, most times, the books that were memorable for me are the ones that finish with a bang. There were definitely a lot of times in the past where my rating increased by .5 to a full point just because of how the book ended.

How about you guys? I want to know your thoughts on the above! Comment up or link up to your own post. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Current Bookish Preferences

  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers! I always prefer reading from first POV, but I do notice that when I’m writing, I also write in third POV. I can’t choose between character or plot as if I didn’t care about the characters, I couldn’t finish the book but if the plot is boring, I won’t finish the book either 😂 And I also love introspective characters, I just hate if it’s written with long expositions!

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