Photowalk: San Francisco, California

It’s been a little more than two weeks since I’ve been here in the US and my two weekends were all spent roaming around San Francisco. My current place here in California is a quiet suburb with little to no people lurking around so I had the habit of visiting since it is just an hour-long bus/train ride to the city. I walked around without a plan – looking at buildings, people-watching, just marveling at the streets. I was with friends the first time and alone the second. And honestly, it never lost its charm.

It will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.” An encouraging thought from the first time I visited the city.
This is one of the buildings I came across with on the way to the Union Square. The architectural structures are pretty great. I hope I could do some urban sketching in the near future around these areas.
This was taken along Powell Street when I visited a Sephora branch. This is the Powell-Hyde route of the famous San Francisco cable cars. You can’t see it that much but the road slopes up – a common thing among SF streets.
Dappled lights and cobbled streets.
If I am not mistaken, this is almost along Union Square as well. There are so many shops that I would only here or read about before. Recognizing familiar brands that I don’t get to see everyday in the Philippines is such a kick.
The muted autumn colors all around the area is a charming thing and made for a pretty sight.
I came across the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art while walking towards St. Patrick Church along Mission Street because I attended a Tagalog mass there. There is currently a Warhol Exhibit going on from May 19 to September 2 and I’m still thinking if I will go. We’ll see in the coming days.
Recreated this shot from one of my favorite travel photographers, Christina of Sketch and Run (though I did not think I did a great job lol).

The day was nice – with warm sunlight and cool air. The perfect weather – something I can only experience for brief periods of time back home. And though the day ended not on a very nice note (my migraine was triggered pretty bad for some reason by the time I came home)… I really enjoyed my brief time in the city.

Honestly, though, there’s still so much I haven’t seen of San Francisco. The next time I am coming, I will definitely have a plan.

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